Pray for My Dream

I have a dream and I want to be happy in every aspect of my lives. But many times I find everything hard and complicated. Many other times, I ones that complicate things. I think I will to be happy if I get my dreams, but sometimes it is made me forget to be thankful for what I have today. I should cherish what have done the best and useful for me and others people.

God..please change my mind. I want to be enjoy in every day in my life with You.  I want to learn through what I have today. Today is grace.. so I will trust in You, commit to You, and keep my mind that for me there will be a Future Hope.

my dream is Your dream, so i’ll never leaving behind my dreams, or that i would have to stop pursuing them.

From all the dreams  i had, i have choice to stop or keep stepping, and now it all takes time. But i would prefer to say nothing impossible with You. Even though some dreams i had to put on hold, i lived many of them. And everyday i try to rescue the ones i still hold in my memories so that one day they will also happen, truly being part of my life. Yappp..i have a good time.


Do You Ever Feel This ?

Ever feel Shattered and broken heart like the world would be destroyed ? Ever feel alone and don’t have anyone or don’t know what to do ? Or ever felt so low, lost your girlfriend/boyfriend, failed your exam, your task in college was rejected, money was diminished in the same time 😥  😦  Relax, you not alone. I had ever felt it all. And you no need to feel low, no hope, or no need to alone. All your problems who have been feeling just only PHASE. Phase to achieve a Maturity. I had it all eventually make me much better than before… All of my problems had got maturity, stronger, and I believe in my self that I know how to find and open a dark path become light way. Why ?  I relax the Tenssion of my body and then begin Positive my mind that I have much Beautiful Moment in future. Everything doesn’t well, in the case that just only think positive. But the change to be positive mindset makes us more free. Actually what makes you feel all that down? since you feel alone?  since your heart will go on? 😮  Ok… Remember, before his/her. You still turned on !  No sit all alone? You still charming ! We just need to restore all back to the beginning phase. she was she and you was you. You still the same person and have a lot of  friends around who care and love much… Thanks and Grateful to God, He gave me many remarkable friend and I have nice time run out without any rest to remember the past, He made ​​me forgot the bitter memories behind and teached me how to stand up myself, learn to be patient to face reality. Make me a longer down and feel alone, remember you have a lot of things you can make things better, make you no eating, not alone, not listen troubled songs, not with all the things that only make matters worse. You determines what will happen in this life, would continue to feel sad or want to change all of the sadness to a SMILE LIFE ? Everything is in the hands of you, Just how do your way change everything….. Good Luck ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Maximize Your Potential

Ahaaaa…. Haii, great Reader you are !! You still stay tuned here everlastingly… I have one Analogy story special for U…

Watchmaker told the clock is being made​​: “O clock, would you be able to beat at least 31,104,000 times a year?”


“Ha?,” Said aghast hours,
“How could I?”

“How about 86.400 times in a day?”

“Eighty-six thousand four hundred times? With a slim-slender needle like this? “The hour of doubt.

“How about 3.600 times in one hour?”

“Within an hour had ticked 3.600 times? Lots of it “, still hesitant hours with her ​​abilities.

Watchmaker with great patience and then talk to the clock:
“Well, could you beat it once every second?”

“Naaaa, if so, I can man !” The clock with enthusiasm.

So, once completed, the clock is ticking once every second. Unnoticed, the seconds went by and the hours it was incredible because it was for a whole year he has been ticking relentlessly. And that means that he has beats 31,104,000 times as much.

Sometimes we hesitate ² with all job duties that feels so heavy. But the fact that we’ve run, we were able to. In fact we originally thought impossible to do though. Do not say “no” before you ever try it ….

Hopefully useful and Wonderful Yours Extraordinary… 🙂

What Will You Do to Seize Your Finest Day

HELLO, WILLKOMEN in My Blog… Thanks a lot for U who enjoy read my writing… I Hope U get more Inspiration and Manifestation…. Implement your Vision !

  • Improving academic skills

New school, new academic environment, or take foreign language classes, will provide a more challenging academic experience. Would not you want to feel?

  •     Improving foreign language skills

No doubt again, the best way to be fluent in foreign languages ​​is often applied. Study abroad will help you to launch foreign language skills. This ability will surely help you to more easily adapt.

  •     New culture

Higher education is also a place for you to get to know new cultures, for meeting with people from many backgrounds

  •     Add to the character of intellectual

Colleges looking for students who are intellectually and excited about their field of study. There is no way you can show other than the nature of the intellectual, academic ability in the field to make you look more prominent than the other competitors. The way that you can also use to compete with classmates when it is undergoing study.

  •     Initiative and independent

Feeling far from the family will surely give the experience to be more independent and full of initiative. Understandable, because you have to live alone in an environment different from their home country. Quite often, this is where you will see personal qualities.

  •     Meet new people, new places, and new ideas.

Learning in earnest about the courses taken, both in the classroom and outside the classroom. New environment you enter, however can also be a wonderful new world. The best way to build the skill is active on campus.

  •     Show who you are

Entry into college is not easy. With study abroad, you can differentiate with other students. Especially, if the course you choose is that really interest you. Live seriously and show who you are.

My Fabulous Life

This is my Inspiration Life. What I love, and do it Oftentimes. If I dont like something, replace it. If I don’t like my Job, come out. If I don’t have enough time, stop playing Twitter and Other. If I am looking for the love of my life, STOP, They will be waiting for me when I start doing things I love. Stop over analyzing.

Life is Simple. All emotions are beautiful. When I eat, appreciate. Open my Mind, Arms, Heart to new things and people… We are Diverse but United. Ask the person I see what Their passion and Eventually Goal are, and share My Inspiring dream with them.

Run Your Manifestation. Be a Maestro ! Getting lost will help me find Myself. Some chances only come once, SEIZE them ! Come on Friends… Loook Ahead !! Life is about the people I meet, and The things I create with them so go out and start creating. Life is Short. Live my dream and wear. My passion very Exiting and Resourceful. God say “I will be with you, deliver you, watch over you, listen to you”. Create My future in  a Long life until in the Innocence life. Believe and Joyful !